Planet Gambro

Planet Gambro Planet Gambro is this weird, free Internet RPG game I just discovered through I’m just starting out, but for now I find it very refreshing. It reminds me of Kingdom of Loathing with more graphics.

Probably more to come about this game as I discover more of it.

Less fun: I have to use firefox, some functionality doesn’t work in Safari.

Trapped in the Drive-Thru

(from Channel Frederator)

The business of death

(from drawn)

Inbox Zero makes work ‘managabler’

I started using the Inboz Zero method championned by Merlin Mann in my work email process.

It’s a blessing. I get around 40 mails a day, and I used to let so much stuff just sit in my inbox as a “reminder”, which is compeltely dysfunctionnal when your reminders are a couple of pages out of view. All of a sudden email stopped being this wild beast I had to fight every couple of minutes to become a tamed friend, a tool to work sanely.

It’s been just a week now, but I’m pretty sure I’m gonna use that for a very long time.

Be sure to read Inbox Zero Serie on 43 Folders

Or just watch the (very long) presentation here :

Bonne parodie de ‘Beat it’ de Michael Jackson

Bite it parodie beat it michael jackson
Uploaded by e-boueur


Welcome one and all.

I’m currently in the process of a big, overdue refresh for my site.

More to come!