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Rice boy complete – Order of Tales now ongoing

Woot! It’s time (for me) to go over it all again from the start. If you haven’t read it do your eyes a favor let them enjoy Rice Boy.

Once your done with Rice Boy, switch over to Evan Dahm’s new project Order of Tales It’s updated often so it’s worth it to keep current. I love his na├»ve style and the themes of this one.

Girl Genius web comic

Discovered that comic recently, don’t remember from where. I was rapidly hooked. Went from the start of the archives and got current in a matter of days.

It’s amazingly entertaining. the settings is steam punk with very strong Marvel influences. The beginning of the archives is in black and white, but quickly becomes full colors.

Let’s list characteristics of this comic: funny, beautiful, well written, political, science-fictional, victorian, robot-frantic, epic, romantic, gothic, rich setting, full of intrigues, strong visuals, heroic, super-heroic, full of mad-science, action-driven… and probably lots more. The diversity of the influences and the many-leveled story line makes for a very refreshing work.

It all takes place in a fictional europe and the political landscape is rich and complex. The past and its discovery meshes intricately in the story line.

The art is very rich and dense. A bit ‘babe’ driven but still very pleasing on the eye. There’s sometimes a bit too much density in layouts for my taste, but hey, Marvel’s been doing that for years and it works.

Writing is good, lot’s of funnies in there, stereotypes are used and abused. Story twists are always extremes and keep the pace very fast and engaging. Characters are well defined and there’s a certain Marvel quality to them. Punch lines delivered mid-combat and such.

Ok I’ll stop gushing about it now and let you go and read Girl Genius.

Interesting and very rich online music system


Fight my brute!


Cool little flash fighting game. Lots of weapons and different techniques and stuff. What’s funny is that the combats are resolved by the computer, you don’t have to actually fight.

The Romance of Transportation in Canada


Everything about napping

From the Boston Globe

Eddie Izzard

I HAZ A FUNNY (Eddie Izzard – Learning French 6:30)

DA FUNNY HAZ FUNNY CLOZ (Eddie Izzard – Evil Giraffe – 2:06)

IZ LANGAJ IZ DIFRENT (Eddie Izzard – Being Bilingual 3:24)

yet another good comic on xkcd.com

xkcd comic logo

Bruce Sterling on interaction

Interesting talk by Bruce Sterling about Interaction design, future vs science-fiction vs technology.

The first couple of minutes are a bit buzzword heavy, but it sets the pace and context for his message.

Bruce Sterling from Innovationsforum on Vimeo.