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Pimp ma botte

Pimp ma botte, Marc Daigle, offert par l'Office national du film du Canada

Pimp ma botte

Dessin animé, parodie hilarante de la très populaire émission télévisée «Pimp My Ride». L’Host Bubs et sa gang se retrouvent au quai de Belle-Côte. Leur mission : rénover et modifier le bateau d’Albény le vieux pêcheur : «C’est parti par en avant, point par en arrière». Un vrai choc des cultures. La rencontre entre la traditionnelle cage à homard acadienne et la culture populaire du village global.

“Pimp ma botte? Quoi c’est qu’tu parles de là, jeune houmme?”

Cynical, weird, wrong but very beautiful

Quel optimisme!

Nouvelles conceptions d'tablissements canadiens , Bruce Mackay, offert par l'Office national du film du Canada

Nouvelles conceptions d’établissements canadiens

Un documentaire consacré aux habitations d’hier et d’aujourd’hui. Le film nous rappelle que les premières constructions des Autochtones et celles des pionniers étaient écologiques avant l’heure. Réalisé trois ans après la crise pétrolière de 1973, ce film présente quelques innovations en planification urbaine illustrées à partir de l’exemple des communautés minières de Fermont au Québec et de Leaf Rapids au Manitoba, planifiées en fonction du climat nordique et de l’utilisation minimale de l’automobile.

Random Reminder (AKA some fads aren’t fads at all!)

what i need you to imagine in panel 3 is a metal cowboy robot hand grabbing the crotch of a dinosaur, okay??

Random reminder that Dinosaur Comics Is Awesome. Awesome in the awe-inspiring sense.

When I started reading I was impressed by the fertility of the seemingly bare premises. There was already a ton (read months) of material to go through. I kept current for a long time. I stopped visiting it daily maybe two years ago. Just a quick dip once a moon. And always: this comic amazes me. Just plain fun. Witty, bright, clever, insane, profound, intelligent and so funny.

Ryan North has been doing this for more than 6 years. If the layout of the archives page is to be any hint we will still have them until the end of December 2009. Also: there are 1436 comics on this page. One thousand four hundred thirty six. I. Am. Amazed.

I declare Ryan North to be the most pertinaciously funny daily comic writer ever.

Charlie vs Rose

Getting started with my Ukulele

On somewhat of a whim, I decided to buy myself a ukulele. The impulse was so strong that – afraid I wouldn’t get to the store in time – I asked a friend to go and buy it for me to make sure I got it as soon as possible. So from Italmelodie on Jean-Talon I got a Mahalo Concert electro-acoustic Ukulele.

Mea and my Mahalo Ukulele

The same night I got the beast, I started looking online to see what’s available and how to start. I was very surprised at the quantity of quality material on the web. Lots of basic lessons, tutorial videos, reviews, techniques, songs tutorial and songbooks. It’s amazing!

I have very little experience with stringed instruments: a few weeks of bass guitar last year and a few hours of ukulele from my 4th grade or so. Just enough to know what I’m tackling. I have a good base of music theory but there’s not much from my four years of tuba in high-school that can be transposed to the Ukulele. So I really needed help to get started.

I am still practicing the basics, I won’t be posting my own stuff yet… but I should start linking to and posting ukulele stuff once in a while. For now let’s start with my basic bookmarks (if you’re in the least interested in learning to play the uke, be sure to visit

That’s it for now, I have to go back and work on my G chord family transitions.

Scott McCloud’s talks at TED

I made a film!

Done with the website, a very interesting toy. They even have Québécois voices and different style of characters and scenes.

Noyeux Jouel

Carte de voeux 2008 de l’ONF

L’Office national du film du Canada vous souhaite de joyeuses Fêtes avec une carte virtuelle!



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